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 Things you won’t get to do after the lockdown


We’re in a weird phase right now, my friends. All of us are quarantined and for good reason. We’re doing our part, now we just wait.  

While it’s great that we’re praying that things to go back to normal and we’re trying to find ways to connect with society so we feel normal again, let’s also look at the bigger picture. 

We are probably not going to have as much free time ever again. That “someday” is here. That day when we stay in bed till 11 AM sipping on tea and read the thriller novel, without having a care in the world. That day when we play scrabble with our wife at 3 PM with a glass of wine in our hand and old Bollywood songs playing on the speakers. That ‘someday’ is right here, lurking, waiting with an outstretched hand, you just have to reach out and take it.

Let’s put the anxiety on hold till we can step out again, and we’ll pick it back up when we’re walking out the door.

Please walk away from any content that asks you to be productive. For once, let loose, you’ve earned it. Let time spoil you and indulge you for the week. 

Here’s some things that we might not get to do after the lockdown, so jump at them while you have the chance.

1. Nap, a lot

Use this time to nap away at 11 in the morning and then again at 6 when the sun sets. Eat breakfast at 2 PM (or AM!). Let the concept of sleep cycle fade away, and hibernation be the new normal because why not. In the times of quarantine, cocooning is the way of life.

2. Shower rendezvous

Shower at 7PM or like me, at 1:30 AM. And why just once? It could be thrice a day not at all! Rules are for regular days, queerness is for the quarantine!

3. Roam around in shorts all day

Shorts are the new formals for work calls, invisible under the table and if you are one of those lucky bachelors you could just go all commando!

4. Wash and wipe utensils

Yea, no one’s going to miss all the rationing we’re having to do with the utensils we use. But you might not get too many opportunities to click selfies with aprons on. Find the best apron your household owns, and upload it, everywhere.

5. Binge watch TV shows

This is more of a reminder because the obviousness of it could lead to us not taking it seriously: Do not put a leash on your guilty pleasures! Watch everything that you’ve ever heard of. Maybe you’ll find a new interest somewhere- in history, in travel or in bug documentaries.

6. Go back to your teenage years

Video games and junk food.

Listen to the little spoiled kid inside of you and let him out for a little while.

Written by The Lair