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All of us, all at home, all the time!

Days have merged into each other seamlessly, just like cleaning bartans has in our lives. There’s now a little vanity in our tone when we talk about the perfection that has come in our Dal-Khichdi, but let’s face it, househelps, Raju and Sapna, have nothing to worry about.

We’re all stepping on each other’s toes and there’s barely any me-time. Our safe space is growing smaller, while the pile of clothes to be ironed grows larger. What even is home right now?

The only solace we probably have is that everyone is going through the exact same thing, our boss, their boss, Amitabh Bachchan, even Modiji(?). Our studies tell us that in COVID-19 season, the number of people we want to murder is directly proportional to the number of members cocooning together in one house.

The hand has been dealt, we can’t change the cards. But what we can control is how gracefully and/or beautifully these days pass. Twenty years from now, when we’re reciting this history chapter to random kids, it can go one of two ways. We’d either be the crabby uncles who talk about how it was the worst time of our lives, or we’d be the happy, smiling, content old men talking about the silver lining and how we saw a whole different side to life.

We go all our lives trying to manage and minimise risks. Even diversification fails to eliminate systematic risk. So this is the time to find opportunities, not just professional, but personal too. It might not come naturally, but it’s never too late to start on mental conditioning.

Imagine you’re an amateur skier. You’ve been waiting the last six months for the ski season. You book your tickets to Gulmarg. You make work arrangements weeks in advance. You get to Gulmarg and it turns out, there isn’t enough snow! NO SNOW, SO NO SKIING! Your flight back home isn’t for another week. It begins to snow outside. A few hours of cursing and tears of disenchantment follow. Later when your vision clears up, you begin to notice the beautiful little town you’re in, getting ready for the ski season, the one that you won’t be there to enjoy.  You cook up some Maggi, grab a book, and take a seat by the window watching it snow outside the window. As you begin to enjoy the view – a realization numbs and covers you like teh snow outside. There’s always next year.

This lockdown is your Gulmarg trip, no skiing, but a lot of sight-seeing- in your books, on the internet and in your dreams. Cherish it!

Written by The Lair