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IT’S NOT ABOUT THE SIZE of the gift, but the heart of the giver

If you’re looking online for gift-worthy gifts, you’re desperate or this man either means something to you. If he doesn’t, and I suggest you *really* think about this, go to the mall, get a bottle of liquor or a lousy t-shirt and voila, you’re done!  But, something tells me that’s not the case. He’s something else.

He’s there for you when you need it most (or just a little). He gets ice-cream delivered to you on a rough afternoon. He makes you blush when you feel ugly. He makes sure you know you’re not alone. A guy like that doesn’t deserve a factory-cut gift, he deserves the world, and nothing, absolutely nothing is good enough. But we’ll try, won’t we?

  • Don’t you remember?:

    This is the heart-warming stuff. Like that time Ross gifts Rachel a vintage brooch that they once saw while window-shopping. She says “I can’t believe he remembered. This was months ago.”  Find *that* little something. This is not an easy route, but the extra mile is usually the least crowded.
  • With a heartfelt note:

    If you’ve earned yourself the reputation of ‘The One who can’t write a note’, this one’s for you because he won’t ever see it coming. Revisit the things he did (or does) that make you smile, or the ones that lift you out of a ditch  (metaphorical, or literal), the ones that make you feel lucky to be with him. He won’t ever admit it, but he will read it a bunch and smile (or cry) and he will save it *forever*.
  • Something new:

    There’s a new restaurant in town you guys haven’t been to. Book a table, get a bottle of wine and critique the souffle together. Or gift him a voucher for the newest barbershop in town, The Lair. Pick from their quirky oddly-specific vouchers or customise the message on your voucher. He’ll love it, you’ll love it. Win-win.
  • Raise the bar:

    Acquaintances bring bottles of alcohol, friends bring glasses. This is just to say that the cutlery will last a lot longer, and it’ll remind him of you for years to come. If he appreciates (but doesn’t talk about) all things fancy, this is your cue. This company, called BarQualified, sells the baddest bar accessories. Find your poison.
  • No such thing as too many:

    Just like we can never have enough hand-bags or shoes, I’m sure there’s something he can never have enough of. Wink wink. It would be belt buckles for Howard Wolowitz, meatball sandwiches for Joey Tribbiani, the latest version of FIFA for your gamer boy, condoms for the casanova… you get the drift. You know what he likes, go get ‘em tigress!
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Written by The Lair