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Picture yourself cheering for Australia during the 2023 World Cup, for England during World Cup 2027 and for South Africa during World Cup 2031. Or picture yourself supporting your rival football clubs and jumping from one rival club to another every season. Emotional trauma hua? 

SAME! DITTO! This is exactly what happens to your hair when you keep on hopping from one salon, one technique, one product to another. Give anyone and anything enough time to run its course and prove its worth. 

We believe that in order to maintain your hair’s optimum health you need to remain loyal to your hair salon and hairstylist. If you haven’t decided on who gets to be the guardians of your hair yet, we have collated a few factors which might help you nail this decision. (You know this already, but you don’t know that you know.)

Dooriyan NAHI Zaroori!: Since this is a place you will visit every month, you want it to be in the general vicinity, if not immediate. Most people pick salons closer to home, but your salon could be close to any place you frequent, like work or your child’s school or the dog kennel or your favorite bar. Club it with something so you save on some travel time (you know how city traffic is!)

Don’t trust online ratings: Everything you see online is fabricated. (This article was bounced around at least 10 times before it reached your eyes). Visit the salon’s website and read what they’re writing about themselves. This way, you’ll know what they’re striving towards. Also, quickly browse through the ratings and reviews section. A general rule of thumb you can use is that if a review is too reverential or too flowery, it’s most likely fake.

Personal recommendations are the gold standard: If your friend vouches for a place, it means a lot more than a hundred online reviews. And seeing as your friends are aware of your preferences, this is an insight you cannot ignore.

Walk-in for a consultation: Nothing beats primary research. Just walk into a shortlisted salon and ask for a consultation with one of their stylists. You’ll get a sense of the vibe of the salon and hopefully find a stylist who has the same wavelength as you. This chat will also tell you whether the stylist knows his stuff and how passionate he is about the craft. 

Go under the knife scissors! This is the moment of the reveal. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how well your date went, you want real chemistry in the bed service room.

There are a couple other factors such as affordability that could make or break this relationship, but we leave that to your volition!

Written by The Lair